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New unSpirituality Website

YES, we are upgrading our site to a content rich learning source for our readers. Stay tuned for launch date.

The AUDIOBOOK has arrived HERE

No more excuses from so-called mystical experts, no more lies – I am fed up and have been for a while. I cannot tell you how much this book is needed. This book is a breath of fresh air, one I am truly grateful for. It is well thought-out, well-written, and funny. I stayed up way past my bedtime because I couldn’t put it down” —Michelle

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Unspirituality removes the delusion of the spiritual self and its story. Childhood suppression is at the seat of religious and spiritual delusion which becomes the arena for the retrieval of a shamed imagination. Unspirituality strips away centuries of delusion.

The spiritual story was once an answer to the anxieties of the natural world, but now has become a colorful cage in which humans are trapped. It is an insidious trance that has perpetuated needless suffering for our species up to the modern day.

Chapter 1 – BAMBOOZLED


NEW BOOK IN PROCESS by Christopher Loren

unSpiritual STORY Front Cover

unSpiritual: A Spiritual Journey

Childhood Trauma, Spiritual Delusion

and the Search for Enlightenment




More Chapters coming soon.


I Am Primate™

The needless suffering in our world continues because people turn their heads not only from their own species but their inner world. The blatant denial, suppression, avoidance and medicating of the “body knowing and wisdom” is how the inherited story of violence continues. Our world can only change as the authentic self is trusted….then, it is our job to make the changes by doing something to feed the authentic self in others and expose the diabolical “soul murder” of children—our world is the result of our children. —Christopher Loren

“Instead of evolving like an out-dated selfish gene, how about evolving FOR your species. That requires an expanded altruism. Survival of the fittest mentality is old school monkey business.” —Christopher Loren

NEW VIDEO “I Am Not A Label”


I finished it! Wonderful! It made me cry! But not because of a nostalgic feeling of lost mysticism but more because of a new sense of freedom. As if a heavy weight was lifted and a marvelous landscape of natural wonders was waiting, already there, ready to be discovered. I think this book is the missing link between Science and Spirituality. It is the long awaited reunion of Nature and our Subjective, as the coming back together of two twin siblings separated at birth. It is also a pleasure to read somebody’s visions so clearly, without presumptions or any kind of obligation from our part to take sides, agree or disagree. It’s amazing! Really good AND very very useful. I think this book will start a true r-evolution, if really understood. Oh man, I really hope they get the idea. It is very frustrating and so dangerous “not” to inquire about all these things you write about.

Once more time, THANK YOU!

Paloma Nogues

How to Become Spiritual

May all beings be free of pretended happiness.

May all beings find their deepest lie.

May all beings see the nature of their inner turmoil.

May all beings realize what they are not.

And through this, may all beings become who they already are.

Christopher Loren


Enough with Hell, Let’s Dream a New Dream

Review from Jessica Schab

I decided to share about Christopher Loren on my website as I feel that his new book is very much on par with our EOF Project. In fact, it’s pretty rare that you come across someone like Christopher and his brilliant way of sharing his message. It just felt so complimentary that I knew I wanted to join forces with this guy. He and I both had a religious upbringing and after getting into and getting out of spirituality, well, I could really relate to him and his journey. Christopher just “gets it” and sees the bigger picture.

He brings an approach to his work which adds an interesting layer of fresh perspective in educating masses out there. We at EOF (End of Fear) are very excited to partner with Christopher on future endeavors. I hope you find Christopher and his content as interesting and helpful as I do.

I read his whole book in one sitting, I could not put it down. I made tons of notes to him as I read it. Afterwards, I felt compelled to write a testimonial about his message.

Christopher Loren is a pioneer paving the way for future generations to think for themselves by helping them understand and remove the obstruction of beliefs, be it religious or spiritual, that are in way. These obstructive beliefs have stagnated the human psyche and our own collective evolution.

In his book, cleverly and profoundly titled, “unSpirituality- Permission to be Human” he goes into the archeology of our psyche exploring and exposing the dangers of thinking and living with such beliefs. He often mentions that promoting such beliefs should be considered child abuse, and, when you read his evidence, it is easy to see where this is all heading if we continue in this way as a species.

As a former spiritual speaker, I know, firsthand, the dangers of promoting such thinking, and it takes a lot of courage to stand up to all the opposition to point this out in such an elegant and clear way as Christopher does. To think and find out, for ourselves, is to be responsible and psychologically free.

Finally, we can stop being in a state of anti-life and excel our evolution and co-create with all of nature. It is refreshing to hear him share that we are “nature itself” and that is something to embrace—there is nothing more beautiful and wonderful then that. I look forward to working and spreading the complimentary message with him in future endeavors.

Thank you Christopher for giving this gift to not just the world, but all nature as well.

Jessica Schab - jessicamystic.com

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Denial and the Trick Monkey

We compulsively avoid what is true . . especially the “darker” aspects of our personalities. New Agism pumps air into the drowning ego in order to keep it alive and protected from the painful truth underneath its waning smile. We must learn to stop lying to ourselves and begin saying yes to that which is true within us even if that truth is a subtle feeling of self hatred . . . it is this self hatred that is asking for our attention, not our rejection.

Christopher Loren

Creators of the Delusion

When we are young, the trauma we experienced freezes us into time, and from then on, is fueled by our emotions. It is like being stuck in gear while the wheels are spinning. The problem is, we become accustom to the sound and feel of the screeching wheels, and over time, forget it was always trying to get our attention. We must learn how to introduce ourselves to those parts inside that are screaming for our attention . .  simply by saying Hello . .  and start there.

Christopher Loren

We Are Zombie

by Christopher Loren on YouTube

How to be Enlightened & Unemployed

by Christopher Loren on YouTube

How to Become a Christian

by Christopher Loren on YouTube

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one . . . praise to John Lennon

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