sgjhsZzenn is a Bio-Spiritual Philosopher, Author, Musical Artist and Subjective Explorer.

Zzenn focuses his writing on the subjective area of human experience as a natural phenomenon. After a 30 year spiritual journey he argues against the definitions handed down through esoteric traditions and offers a new vision for body-based wisdom and understanding.

He challenges spiritual fundamentalism and “identity-based Spirituality” cutting through new age quantum story-telling to core inner work. He leads seekers to look within themselves and find their own flower directly rather than a ‘copy and paste’ approach from spoon fed channeled information based on invisible aliens, incarnate souls and other dimensions. He urges that “you can’t buy a stairway to heaven” . . . inner-freedom/self-realization requires real work, real love, to obtain the pearls without price.

unSpirituality is an exploratory philosophy that redefines spirituality from a natural perspective. It means “biology creates spirituality” and honors 4.6 billion years of evolution. It is the idea that we are human beings having a biological or bio-spiritual experience rather than spiritual beings (dualism) having a human experience. It celebrates the inherent wisdom of our species and the potential of our human evolution.

Zzenn writes,

The word “unSpirituality” is odd, and yet, it represents the human being unfettered from the spiritual story.

It represents the experience of spirituality as a body-based guidance system. This includes everything one can imagine regarding esoteric knowledge defined as a function of biology and evolution.

The unSpiritual philosophy focuses on human feeling, memory and imagination as the source for the spiritual experience, with an emphasis on childhood being the root of our inner world rather than past lives or other dimensions. It emphasizes the value of human intuition and intellect over a separate entity called a soul or spirit. In fact, it is this so-called spiritual being or higher self that IS the felt-sense of the body.

After a lifetime of religious and spiritual experiences all the dots connected in a moment and the reverse meaning ‘unSpirituality’ appeared in my mind. I guess the big questions is why?

As a survivor of childhood trauma, coping with severe PTSD (post-traumatic-stress-disorder), I escaped a religious cult, spent some time as a missionary in Haiti, explored both the left and right hand paths of metaphysical knowledge (Scientology, New Age, etc.) and spent countless hours studying psychology and various healing methods. My quest was motivated by a wild curiosity and a desperate attempt to rectify the religious indoctrination and abuse I endured as a child.

Along my path, my suspicions about the spiritual life threaded together in a tapestry that pointed to the natural world. As a seeker who adamantly demanded the truth, time after time the teachings of the ‘meta’physical fell short of explaining reality, and yet, I was certain there was something to the legacy of spiritual thought.

I had a growing sense that enlightenment wasn’t about a state of perpetual happiness (something I now call a hypnotic trance) but the act of deconstruction and reconstruction. I figured if a belief system could be demolished then it wasn’t grounded in reality anyway. Any idea worth hanging your hat on should stand the rigors of inquiry. This applied not only to religious and spiritual beliefs but personal ones such as family, relationships, work and play.

Finally, my relentless search led me to a “human awakening” rather than a spiritual one which removed me from the endless spiritual treadmill and gave me permission to be human. I now redefine the spiritual experience from a natural perspective free from faith, superstition and the supernatural. I like to use the term “bio-spirituality” because it gives credit where credit is due—biology and evolution.

  • Teaches from a 30 year “New Age” spiritual journey.
  • Author of 3 books.
  • Experienced multiple Kundalini releases culminating in a 5 week inner metamorphosis that he describes in his book HERE.
  • His path followed along Western Magick (Left-Hand-Path) enchanted by the muse of a song by Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”.
  • He escaped 2 cults
  • He was a missionary in Haiti
  • Survivor of PTSD (childhood trauma)
  • Ex-Christian, Scientologist, Channeler, New Ager and spiritual dualist.
  • He focuses on healing childhood memories and psycho-emotional energy in present time leading toward kundalini releases.
  • He challenges traditional spirituality (dualism and spiritual fundamentalism) directly, without beating around the bush. He believes we are at a time when the old spiritual systems are decaying and a new authentic, genuine, bio-spirituality is emerging based on integrity, honesty and REAL inner work of awakening.