What is Channeling?

  • It is Human Story Telling with a twist. The twist is very deceptive. It is when humans tell stories that are not true but present them as true. Because humans are natural story telling animals (just look at religion for example) a person (channeler) convinces people that he/she/herm has contacted an invisible entity and allows them to talk through them. The information is “sold” as “other dimensional” or “off planet.”
  • The average person has no reasonable understanding in scientific fields such as Quantum Physics. It takes many years, even decades to grasp the science in its full understanding, So when a channeler pretends to be communicating with an alien entity with a mix of scientific theories, the average person has no criteria to judge the information as accurate or inaccurate. Thus, they tend to buy into the information from an emotional experience. This is religion repackaged for the modern era.

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  • Channeling is a mix of psycho-emotional manipulation, spooky words, science jargon, psychology and a rehash of the same metaphysical stories passed on from earlier teachers.