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Chapter 29


“Zzenn of the dragons – Prince of the dolphin – Bearer of Kundalini.”
― Melissa Wyld ―

The next morning the birds chirped me into the Zen mode of meandering. When the sun rose I sat on the patio with my coffee breathing deeply through my head and feet feeling the ecstasy of the new birth; accompanied by a tangible cool wind swirling up my legs. This breeze happened a number of times and was indistinguishable from the feeling of wind blowing on the skin. An occultist would call it astral wind.

Then, a man who I had never met, while passing on his morning walk, stopped, turned toward me, raised his hands in the air and proclaimed, “There it is, it’s all over, you’ve made it, now get on with your work.” Then he clapped his hands together and with a big smile, turned and resumed his walk.

All I could do was motion with my eyelids ― blink-blink. There comes a point in the mystical experience where the Magick becomes so ridiculous that you just nod and continue on your way. It’s at this juncture that skeptics become annoying little minds, incapable of true wonder and beauty. Life becomes so beautiful that skeptical scrutiny is like analyzing an orgasm. You get to a point where you just don’t give a shit because you are ALIVE.

Every sense organ was enhanced beyond anything I could have imagined ― everything was alive. Food was more delicious than ever, bugs were curiously personable, and objects seemed to require permission to be moved. The connection between the internal and external world was alive. The esoteric tradition calls it Spirit, Shin, the 5th Element or Synchronicity ― I call it The Ocean of Air.

Obviously, human sense organs can be amplified through the use of hallucinogens but this was natural, with results far more rich and fantastical. The quality of human life, most definitely, can be measured by perception. A tree may just a tree to some, but to others, a tree may induce a deeper sense experience with profound meaning. A Druid is going to have a different experience than a lumberjack and an animal rights advocate different from a slaughterhouse employee. Both perceptions will have an effect on their nervous systems and biochemistry, which, in turn, will have an effect on the world (multiplied by the collective livingness of the species in real time).

The Kundalini experience proves that the human organism has the potential to enrich its interaction with the objective world. It also proves that you don’t need, exclusively, external hallucinogens to get high, it is capable of doing it on its own IF feeling is allowed its course. In fact, I assert that the world may indeed be a better place if the doors of perception were cleansed and the bio-energy of the body released. Imagine what existence would be like if everybody’s senses were turned up in volume to bio-bliss? What would civilization be like if everybody felt energy flowing through their bodies, or, at the least, a sense of deep emotional connection to nature and other earthlings?

I spent the morning tinkering with the guitar, asking Chaz questions about intervals and researching intuitive links on the internet. In the afternoon, the elfin family joined in on the mud foot bath. We laughed heartily that day over the craziness of spirituality. It was super-charged laughter ― kundalini chuckles with torque ― very contagious. As night approached Duncan and I entered into a discourse on the music project.

During the conversation, I felt summoned to the sonic temple by the guitar. She had taken on a tender, warm, female personality by this point and was adjusting to the alternate tuning. Because of this new tuning, the neck of the guitar had shifted so that the strings were flat on the frets making it unplayable. I brought it out in the night air to cool while we continued our existential conversation.

During a deep exchange of ideas I took the reins of the conversation and expounded on the Magick inherent in music, specifically, the new tuning and its effect on the human nervous system via Kundalini. The impassioned sermon built up to a point where I raised my finger and, looking in Duncan’s eyes, slowly touched the wall. “GONG” the guitar resounded. What? How? The guitar neck adjusted at that exact moment causing all six strings to emit a loud gonging sound. Duncan and I looked at each other baffled by the apparent volition of the guitar. Most impressive was the subject included vibration, resonance and synchronicity. It was as if the guitar confirmed the point.

I realized that the neck was adjusting and the instrument must have been so sensitive that any movement triggered the gonging effect. Even so, like so much of the synchronicities and coincidences that make up Magickal experiences, “timing” is hard to get around. So many synchronicities in my life could have occurred days, hours, or minutes apart from the exact moment they happened.

We resumed our discussion on music, looking back at the guitar intermittently. Something resonated deep within the both of us at the moment of that gong. We finished up our conversation and I headed into the sonic temple to reflect on the evening discussion. About an hour later, as I laid on the bed pondering the magic of sound, again the guitar let out a loud full six string “gong” jolting me out of bed. The timing of ideas and gongs was ridiculous. That would be the last of gong.

The next morning I woke up with the birds and promptly went over to the guitar to say good morning. To my surprise, the strings were perfectly adjusted to the neck and frets. I picked it up, started playing, and immediately, the feeling of ecstasy and goosebumps filled my body ― the sound was pure uncut Magick.

When the sun rose I organized the studio for a musical ceremony to commence after coffee time. I was so excited to explore the new tuning and see what arose from the sound.

In the sonic temple, I connected the guitar to the amp and set up the microphone with some delay and reverb. With the first strum my voice entered into an ancient chant of some sort. It felt primal and innocent. The guitar sound mixed with the vocals stirred the Kundalini current up my legs causing my upper torso to shake. As I adjusted to the vibration I began singing and playing songs with a strong Celtic/Indian feel. So I quickly turned on the recorder and the following words came out.

Its ok, it really is.
You don’t have to hold
You can let go
All that weight, all that weight
You can let it go
When you don’t know what to do
And you’re feeling so confused
You can give your heart a rest
And put it there, in that holding place.

After the song a little green leaf appeared within my heart and communicated the following message:

All human hearts were once leaves on a tree.
The leaf is small but belongs to a mighty tree
Shaped like the eye, mouth, and female organ of life,
It is the portal of energy.
The little leaf in the center of the heart,
Is the tenderness of all earthly strings.
Having evolved over eons,
It knows the powers of war and peace.
For it alone rules all human things.
Like the cool breeze and violent tornado,
It is pure innocence and rage, water and fire.
It is the faithful registrar of all pain and pleasure,
And everything in between.

“It is all the magic of creation in a single, tiny seed.”

I had to set the guitar down and go back to the patio to reflect on the song and the single tiny seed I always wondered about from the Ferngully Disney movie:

Remember, all the magic of creation exists within a single, tiny seed. Look for the hero inside yourself.
― FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992) ―

You can hear something over and over but one day it hits home, in a way that’s just right for you. And the sound I had been searching for all of my life? The “lost chord” unearthed from the guidance of the muse? Wow, this was it. My heart had revealed itself beneath the ocean of feelings the dolphin had leaped from. It was a beautiful revelation rolled out from the scroll of my DNA.

After some reflection, I walked into the front yard to loosen up and stretch. Suddenly, my heart said, “Hey, remember the name “Zen” you have been holding onto for decades?” I looked down and said, “Uh, yes,” the little leaf continued, “Zen is you but its spelled Zzenn.”

Whoa, since my mid-twenties I would tell my friends and family that if I ever had a son I would call him Zen. Little did I know this was referring to my Magickal child that would be born in the future ― Zzenn ― my true name!

I had plenty of friends who adopted a spiritual name but I wasn’t interested in renaming myself just for the sake of the idea. A Magickal name should spawn from a shamanic, organic rebirthing process, an experience so dramatic that it qualifies replacing your legal name. It must rings so true that it transcends the essence of your birth name. Considering, in our society, that names are given out before birth, there is no actual psycho-emotional connection to the person and the name. Whereas in the Native American tradition a child is named after its birth; when their genetic pattern can be observed by the parents and elders.

This was indeed the day of gifts. I texted to Melissa the revelations of the music and name and she replied with:

“Zzenn of the dragons, Prince of the dolphin, Bearer of Kundalini.”

I was struck with these words, it felt right. In my subjective universe I was Zzenn of the dragons, Prince of the dolphin and indeed, was Bearing the Kundalini before many witnesses. The animal totems did come alive to inspire and guard me through life. I did own this noble title and felt proud to wear it as Magi of my inner world.

With overflowing inspiration I ran into the sonic temple and wrote on the marker board ZzennSong. There it was, the name of the music that bloomed from my heart; the tones infused by the sound of the bees; inspired by the current of Zeppelin and the fire of the Sun. These were the flower pedals of thoughts that sprung from my lifelong garden of creativity ― it was indeed a Celebration Day!

My, my, my, I’m so happy, I’m gonna join the band,
We are gonna dance and sing in celebration,
We are in the Promised Land.
― Led Zeppelin III (1970) ―

I wanted to capture the moment, the essence of the Shakti current in the music. Rather than a high quality, analytically produced sound, I wanted raw creativity in real time, to transfer the energy through the sound.

Over the following days and weeks songs sprung from the strings at random periods of the day and night, filling the neighborhood with haunting sounds. These spontaneous sessions were recorded and published, unedited, in an album entitled ZzennSong ( a year later. After the release, feedback on the sound proved people were having Kundalini (psycho-emotional) experiences from listening to it.

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