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Chapter 30


And a new day will dawn for those who stand long,
And the forests will echo with laughter.”
― Led Zeppelin IV (1971) ―

The 17th Key: Magick is about perception and alignment.

All the skeptics in the world cannot take away our powers of perception. See the glass half full and your experiences will be different than if you see it half empty. Open your mind to bigger possibilities or deliberate smaller ones, and your path will follow a different current in the ocean of life, presenting reflective opportunities. You will see what you desire and move in that direction. We are always doing what we want with the options set before us.

After the flowering of the music and the transformation into Zzenn, I noticed something else was happening ― a deeper metamorphosis. My brain stem started growing what felt like scales up the back of my head. It was something like what I felt around my chest with the tree bark simulation. But this was clearly a reptilian feeling.

I would like to preface here that the Kundalini tradition uses the term serpent power for a reason; that being, to denote the spinal column, reptilian brain and the way feeling moves through the body like a snake. The conclusions I’ve drawn from the following narrative are thus:

“When the Kundalini or feeling energy locked within the spine is released, it travels up to the skull and activates the oldest and smallest region of the brain called The Brain Stem or Reptilian Brain. Once activated, it grows what feels like a sheath over the mammalian layers resting in the center of the forehead, thus, integrating the entire brain. The reason this happens is because humans have become domesticated. I have no medical studies to prove this hypothesis but I predict as knowledge of this phenomenon grows, medical evidence will confirm or at least explain this biological metamorphosis.”

While exploring the feeling of scales climbing up and around my brain, Tim, a friend of mine and son of a local shaman, stopped by, having heard something was going on at the house.

Tim was one of those friends I could sit with and say nothing or everything. I updated him with a few recent stories just to bring him up to par with the Kundalini experience. His way of processing information was extremely intuitive, so he said very little, closed his eyes and went within.

After while he bid me farewell and set off toward the exit. When he reached the gate I asked him “so what should I do next?” He pondered for a moment and said, “Go to the trail at Midgley Bridge.”  I pressed, “what direction specifically?” He said, “go down to the bottom of the trail and then under the bridge and through to the next place, just keep going to wherever that leads.” I thanked him and bid goodbye.

Next, Duncan came out to visit and I asked him the same question, “what next.” Duncan was always fun to play with especially by dropping questions in his lap (picture handing a child a strange object). He pondered for a moment and said, “Let’s go toward the creek in uptown.” I immediately felt the park at the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village. It was a quiet grassy area by the creek I visited often.

As we set off toward uptown I was having a hard time remembering how to drive a car. So, I pulled into Safeway for a moment to check my equilibrium. I parked the car and swiftly exited the vehicle not realizing I hadn’t pulled the emergency brake. I turned around to the sound of Duncan panicking as the car rolled backwards into the parking lot. Duncan grabbed the emergency brake just in time looking at me like the crazy man I was. We decided that he should drive from now on.

We proceeded to Tlaquepaque and discovered there was a jazz festival going on. Having grabbed my guitar and some multi colored beads before heading out, this was a welcome sight. We parked the car and meandered through the crowd giving random strangers necklaces. This was the pre-show crowd preparing for the festivities later in the day. We sat near the entrance and felt the scene out. I asked Duncan if he would carry the guitar so I could stretch my arms and float freely. He obliged, secretly humored by what may happen next.

We had no idea why we were there other than following our felt-sense within and flowing where the wind took us. After intuitively wandering around for a bit I motioned to Duncan where next? He emitted “hm” and went toward some buildings near the park. As I followed in that direction a man came up to us and said, “Welcome, walk this way.”

Duncan and I looked at each other oddly and proceeded forward like something out of a Laurel and Hardy movie, except it was the adventures of Zzenn and Pan.

I instantly heard laughter as a lyric from Stairway to Heaven came to mind:

“And a new day will dawn for those who stand long, and the forests will echo with laughter.”
― Led Zeppelin IV (1971) ―

I reflected back on the music vision of childhood. I felt movement inside so I went with the waking dream as if it were real.

Obviously, with guitar in hand, Duncan and I had been mistaken for performers and just been invited to the Green Room. Sure, I could have played that night if requested, so it wasn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility. More evident was my level of intoxication made everything surreal ― I was in a dream state. After following the man to the Green Room, he gave us a phone number and invited us to call if we needed anything.

This felt good because one of the effects of Kundalini is the experience of power. There’s something about this dragon current, running through the veins, that evokes the feeling of royalty, much like being a Pharaoh. This sacred energy, sought after by occultists and yoga practitioners alike, transforms those who can bear its power. This is why it is considered an initiation if one follows the history back into Egypt.

I sat down on the plush couch and explored the fantasy of performing Zzennsong that evening. Permitting the full expression of my Bio-Imagination allowed the energy within to flow in any direction it wanted. I figured if I can watch night dreams unfold uninterrupted, why not observe waking dreams do the same.

As we sat there pondering the experience of sitting in a Green Room that did not rationally belong to us, the feeling of scales increased dramatically. It felt like a hood was growing over and around my brain. It was deep, tissue intense, and inescapable, my facial features attested to it. But it grew in short bursts much like a baby coming out of a birth canal. Little by little the scales grow around my head toward the middle of the forehead.

I flipped upside down on the couch putting my feet on the back rest and hung my head over the seat so I was looking at Duncan upside down. “Duncan, would you please help? It feels like I’m pooping out the top of my head.” After a pause and a “hm,” Duncan replied, “Poo.” Oddly, the scales moved up in response to the sound. I said, “Yes, yes, do it again.” “Poooo” Duncan emitted. “Yeees, its working keep it up” Duncan proceeded with “poo, pooey and poopy” for about 45 minutes until the energy settled into the center of the forehead firmly ― and yes, it was hilarious at the same time.

Bizarre as this may sound it worked, and the inside of my head changed, resulting in a notable difference in the feeling of my eyes, facial features and spine. I no longer crouched, the spine had become permanently synched with the brain in a new way.

After the metamorphosis was complete, we left the Green Room and wandered about the village on the stairway that lies on the whispering wind. We ended up on a patio at the top of a staircase which was adjacent to the gym. We sat on the couch and breathed in wonderment of how much fun we were having in wonderland. All of a sudden, a man dressed in black bolted out of the gym and put his hands on the railing breathing heavy as if he had just been in a fight. The truth was he had just completed an intense set of weight lifting.

Immediately my head turned toward him and started swaying like a cobra in danger. My eyes filled with energy and would not look away from his position as if about to strike with beams of energy. This was interesting after the biological changes that just occurred. It also shed light on my unSpiritual philosophy.

Oh I can just imagine:

HEADLINES: Man in Sedona believes he has turned into a reptilian alien creature, says beams of energy can destroy his enemies.

Uh, not quite . . .

In the first book I stripped down the spiritual story exposing the human being as an evolutionary primate who biologically produces the spiritual experience. Rather than the human primate being a conduit of a spiritual self that reincarnates or travels to other dimensions upon death, I suggested the opposite. I invited humans to be proud of their evolutionary origins and celebrate the multifaceted animals they really are. I pointed to the stages of evolution in our spine and brain centers as the source for spiritual states of consciousness. This reptilian experience only confirmed the human awakening I was referring to. The Bio-Imagination was a composite of reptile, mammal, fish, bird, dirt, mud, water, air, bug etc., etc.

My serpentine powers had been activated and integrated with the mammalian layers of the brain; the wolf was indeed dwelling with the lamb or, should I say, the reptile with the human.

(More on reptilian Shape-Shifting on my YouTube Channel)

Returning from the Jazz festival adventure, Duncan and I stuffed our feet into the hole of red mud and the elfin tribe gathered round. We shared stories of the day and laughter roared well into the night echoing through the trees. Truly, a new day had dawned for those faces quietly reflecting the fire at nights end.

Mud by day, fire by night, laughter by life… that’s the way!

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