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Chapter 32


To stop, look and listen, is a lot of fun.
― Estella Joyce Thomas―

When you wish upon a star, doesn’t matter who you are.
Anything your heart desires will come to you.
― Jiminy Cricket ―

Compelled by a feeling of certainty regarding the ZzennSong project, I was again guided to rid myself of my work truck. The truck represented a life I was leaving to follow my dreams. Irrigation repair had been my staple income and a perfect chop wood carry water experience; but I knew it was coming to an end and sooner or later I would step off into my true work.

So I asked Duncan to sell it and handle all of the details since I was still unable to function normally in front of others. My head would suddenly go into spiral motions and my eyes would roll. However, on the same day he put it up for sale it sold, and I had to meet the seller at the bank.

Early on in the Kundalini release I had the figure of $100,000 clearly indicated within to fund ZzennSong, or at least the next step of my true work. This figure was shared with the tribe often and felt “right” within.

When I went to the bank to meet the gentleman buying the truck the energy was so strong that I could barely walk in a straight line. But I had to do this to make the transaction.

When I walked into the bank all the personnel, including the manager, who knew me very well over the years went dead silent. I was told later that they all felt “it” but wasn’t sure what to do. I walked up in a rather intoxicated appearance and stood in front of my favorite banker’s desk. The man buying the truck was sitting there ready for the transaction.

She looked at me and said, “Christopher? Is there a song on your mind?” I promptly started singing Stairway to Heaven while walking in a circle in the middle of the bank. The man buying the truck looked rather puzzled but oddly ok with this moment. As I walked and sang, she looked me in the eyes and guided me back to her desk as if she knew exactly what was going on. She brought me back to her so gently it felt like grace of a special kind.

Her words seemed cryptic as if suggesting opportunity or money. I don’t believe she was consciously doing this but that that perception was happening for me. It was surreal, like a dream.

I was finally able, with her help, to sign the papers and complete the transaction. The man thanked me as if all was normal and the bankers bid farewell with an angelically concerned look on their faces.

The truck was sold properly and we resumed our afternoon foot mud baths with song and conversation into the evening.

That night, in the wee hours, I was awakened with a voice emanating from the darkness above asking, “How much? Just ask?” Without any thought, one million dollars poofed out of my heart and into the dark portal of the voice above. Whoa! I was very conscious of the one hundred thousand dollars but this was an unconscious lucid dream occurrence.

I returned to sleep with a calm delicious feeling pondering the depths of the unconscious.

The following day I woke up with the birds and resumed my morning routine of meandering around the house and yard. Coffee time with the elfin tribe was always insightful and packed with exciting musings about the future. The daily ritual was to meet for coffee on one part of the patio, move the table to another part of the yard for noontime snacks and then to the mud hole area into the evening. With each relocation the table was organized very Zen-like usually with an object of meaning placed in the center. On this day something quite unique was about to happen.

Estella, whom I nicknamed “Little Yoda Ninja Granny” lived next door and had a daily ritual of meandering around her yard. She would move very slowly, step by step, with her walking cane and oxygen tank strapped to her back, to various locations around her house.

Estella and I had developed a mutual respect for not liking each other over the years. She had a habit of telling me what to do in my yard and I wasn’t favorable to her unsolicited advice. The two of us were quite fine with this arrangement because at the least, it was an honest dislike and mutually respectable quandary. As the saying goes, “You do not truly know someone until you have fought them,” I was having an energetic Kung Fu fight with a four foot tall Yoda Ninja Granny.

However, Shakti energy would have it no more. It was time to reconnect with this elusive oxygen tank carrying master. Without forethought, I left the noontime gathering and meandered to the front of the house. I may have decided to check the mail when I saw Estella standing in front of her house.

Equipped with her four pronged staff (walking cane) and her jetpack (oxygen tank) she stood there checking for speeding cars, mischievous children and undisciplined neighbors. Even so, possessed by wonderment and curiosity, I meandered over to her.

“Hello” I said with an elf like tenderness. She looked up at me with bafflement trying to figure out why I was standing in front of her.

She said, with a reluctant tone, “hello.”

The energy had increased in intensity at this moment and the two of us could feel something happening. For up till now we were not talking to each other let alone standing face to face.

I told her about a little leaf I found in my heart and the message it gave me. Brightened, she listened while her demeanor morphed from curmudgeon to curious child. I told her that the little leaf gave me a song and that it would like me to play it for her.

With a strange mix of emerging wonder and puzzling excitement, she motioned yes to my invitation. I took her hand a walked ever so slowly, step by step, toward my house. Upon arrival, after traversing the front yard, I sat her down at the table of elves and took out my guitar.

Like a cool breeze in the evening appearing out of nowhere, the sounds of the strings swirled through her heart while the muse morphed into Tinker Bell giggling with delight. The overtones from the Magickal tuning turned into Pixie Dust lighting up her eyes with wonder and beauty.

When the song was completed, everyone was quiet. Estella gave off a knowing vibe about all of this, as if this was the world she really lived in and was waiting for everyone else to catch up. Yet, pleasantly surprised as if knowing this day would come.

I helped her back into walking position and set out on the long step by step journey next door. I thanked her for hearing my song and bid her goodnight.

The following morning Duncan and I were reflecting on the Estella moment and wondered how she was doing. So, we walked over to her house to see. As we walked up, Estella was walking out without her cane or her oxygen tank. Her countenance was glowing, wrinkles noticeably softened, and hair done up like she had just left the salon. Huh? Duncan and I looked at each other with that Zzenn and Pan fascination.

Apparently, the story of the little leaf, the sound of ZzennSong and the Shakti energy caused a rift in her biology. Having lived in this house for six years and in the trailer down the street for five, I had observed Estella’s condition for a decade (along with the rest of the neighbors who were blessed with her reprimands).

“Hello Estella” I emitted with joy. “Hello” she replied while stretching her arms palms up embracing the new day. “You look amazing” I uttered. Estella grabbed my hand and headed toward her back yard. Duncan smile and returned to the breakfast nook.

I was given a tour of her magical universe. Like something out of a Hobbit movie, Estella’s world opened up like a new dimension full of nature’s secrets. She told me stories of the squirrels and birds and led me to the secret storage space filled with unique tools and antiques. The pictures on her walls were given life by this mystical crone while we sat together exchanging wisdom of the heart and the ornery nature of the dragon; oh yes, she was no stranger to the Zen-like power of the dragon. She had to survive ridicule being attached to an oxygen tank her entire life.

Interestingly the name Estella means “Star.”

She tells me she was born with no bones and that, when she was a young girl, her mother told her she was so special that one day she would bring joy to the world. She had been an elementary school teacher all her life.

Enchanted by this unpretentious Yoda creature and her interdimensional Hobbit home, I blurted out “what is your message to the world?”

With the certainty of a wise crone, she said, “I use to sing many octaves ranges when I was younger, but a child accidentally hit me in the neck causing me to stop singing.” “But,” she asserted, “I can tell you the message.” Eagerly I listened.

To stop. Look and listen, is a lot of fun.
Stop, look and listen is fun for everyone.

Then she motioned for me to put my finger on my lips and commanded “Stop!” I quickly obeyed with finger to lips when she said “Look” positioning her fingers next to her eyes and  “Listen” pushing her ears out like Dumbo the elephant; all of which I mimicked precisely like a child in a school room. Then resumed the message with:

. . . Now the fun’s begun.
Stop, look and listen, everyone.

Enchanted even more by this mystifying simple message, and knowing what the profound implications would be if everyone in the world applied it, I asked her if she would sing it.

Quelled by my request, she reconsidered her decision to never sing again and gave it a try. Slowly, she hummed the tune picking up pace until the words emerged from the melody. She kept hold of her throat as if singing would cause injury with a look of remembering on her face.

When she got through the song I thanked her for such a wonderful time and committed to a pizza lunch, by her request, under the tree in the front yard the following day.

Again, the next day Estella came out of her house greeting the day with wonder and energy with no cane or tank, but this time singing.

“Good day to you Estella,” I tossed like gifted greeting ball. “Good day to you Zzenn, I have successfully recovered my voice.” “Really? Will you sing the message to the world to me?” With the pride of a teacher singing to her students she sang:

To stop. Look and listen, is a lot of fun.
Stop, look and listen is fun for everyone.
Stop … look … and listen, now the fun’s begun.
Stop, look and listen, everyone.

Overjoyed by the child-like power of the melody and words, I asked permission to give her a hug. Estella said, “This one time, I’m not much of a hugger” and embraced me lightly. I really loved her honesty. She had her dragon intact and her heart well protected. But in spite of this well-built fortress, the powers of nature wanted Estella to come out to play, and sing, in the new day that dawned.

Over the following year, Estella reduced her oxygen intake to the indoors maintaining the freedom to explore her yard without the tank or cane. In fact, she made a new habit of pulling weeds on her knees down in the city drain in front of her house which, might I add, intimidated some of the homeless elves wandering about.

I told her that her mother’s prophecy about her bringing joy to the world had come true because I was publishing her “Stop, Look and Listen” message in my book with one addition:

The 19th key: Stop, Look & Listen & practice asking “May I?”

To stop, look and listen is the same as practicing the focusing method inward. Applying this to your environment and the people in it, puts you in a better position to consciously evolve and learn new things. It is more powerful than it appears. Making a practice of asking “May I?” before offering advice, opinion or action, is one of the best kept secrets in personal conscious evolution. Try it, it empowers yourself and energizes others. Just keep in mind that if you ask permission to give advice, an opinion, or do an action (such as a hug), ask it sincerely expecting a “no” with the same resolve as a “yes.” In fact, I recommend practicing this with friends inviting them to say “no” after asking “May I?” so you can sit with the feelings.

It is a simple gesture with profound results … Really!

Oh, and about that one hundred thousand dollars? It was deposited into my account just three weeks later by the sudden appearance of a beautiful human angel who wishes to remain anonymous.

We’ll see what the one million dollars popping out of my heart into the voice was all about. Maybe it was an archetype or metaphor for how big the human heart really is.

And on that note . . .

And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll.

― Led Zeppelin IV (1971) ―


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