BENTINHO MASSARO: Spirituality’s New Sexy Soul Merchant

Once again, humanity is graced with yet another guru peddling the “happiness without a body” doctrine of denial. He’s cute, trendy, and emanates an attractive lightness of being and youthful vitality (I’ll refrain from deeper revelations on why those attributes draw human primates).

Donning a message of “you are not your body” that feeds the illusion of ultimate freedom from, the world everybody else lives in, Bentino sells discarnate youthfulness (actually very primal) to human primates still baffled by millions of years of evolution.

On his website he makes the following pitch for people who believe “something” is wrong:

His teachings contain the essence of all major spiritual paths but remain focused on what works and ignore what does not. If you want the deepest possible realizations, the most comprehensive tools to live a life of true fulfillment, and you’d like to master all this in the shortest amount of time humanly possible, you’ve come to the right place. Bentinho’s work ensures that you won’t waste any time getting to your desired state of being.

So lets look a little closer.

  • His teachings are the best teachings of ALL TEACHINGS because he has brought together the parts that work.
  • Rather than taking your time in life through the organic process of growth and learning, HIS teachings will enable you to master TRUE FULFILLMENT with the DEEPEST REALIZATIONS in the (now get this) . . . Shortest amount of time humanly possible.
  • With Bentinho’s work, you can get to your “desired state of being” (whatever that means) without wasting any time . . . assuming YOU waste time on OTHER teachings.

Ok, so here goes. How does one lowly primate achieve access to this master and his teachings? (from his website)

How to Get Started?

It’s quite simple. We suggest you become organically more familiar with Bentinho’s work and effortlessly let its magic rub off on you and change your life by liking Bentinho on Facebook, Subscribing to his YouTube channel, Following him on Instagram, and just start watching some of his free videos on this website or on Youtube.

Once you have absorbed the free indoctrination of “you are not a body but an invisible awareness” which, by the way . . . just isn’t true (unless you think thousands of Neuroscientists worldwide have been playing darts for the last century). You will find, just behind the flap of his social media marketing device, the book, the seminars, the subscription and the pay-for videos.

His 5 day seminar starts out at $499, the subscription $22, the book on Amazon $11.99, and the pay for videos starting out at a whopping $99.

All this phony message about humans being invisible beings inside ape carcasses for MORE MONEY out of the pockets of people who cannot accept the facts of evolution and the reality of the natural world.

Let me put it this way . . . HE’S SELLING THE DREAM. He’s also selling primate sexiness (sorta like how puppies on facebook get all the likes).

And as long as people are gullible enough to buy it, then attractive, feel good messages such as this will continue feeding the collective hallucination. If he was teaching good science or solid psychology then he wouldn’t need to make all the exaggerated claims . . . which are immediate dead giveaways to those who can see the game.

So why do I create articles that expose teachers such as this? Simple.

Because he’s a salesman peddling dualism, which is an outdated belief, and I don’t think that helps the planet evolve. Teaching meditation is a plus but better to teach it without grandiose claims and props . . . meditation that validates the human being and its environment rather than split it into a discarnate realm (disassociation). Something practical, that puts the credit on the felt-sense of the body, such as The Focusing Method.

Here are a few claims from Sedona Arizona’s new Guru:

CLAIM #1: Everything is possible

FALSE: There’s a difference between optimism and delusion. Everything is not actually possible. Understanding limits is the beginning of wisdom.

CLAIM #2: Practically all our suffering–subtle or apparent–comes from believing we are our body.

FALSE: Suffering is inherent in the evolutionary process. Has NOTHING to do with your BELIEF in it. Just like faith has nothing to do with sickness.

CLAIM #3: As soon as we assume we are a body, we assume our nature is a small, disconnected self.

FALSE: When we deny we are a body we become delusional and thus, smaller in actual awareness.

CLAIM #4: The being (you) is not the body.

FALSE: Neuroscience has overwhelmingly proved we are our brains….sorry, but that is really the facts of the matter….its VERY ENLIGHTENING to check out the research on this, and LIBERATING.

CLAIM #5: Presence is immortality.

FALSE: That’s a statement of speculation not fact. What is fact is the feelings in  and around the body are generated by our biology.

As I look further into Bentinho’s amazing teachings I will add to this article and convert it into a YouTube video on my channel.

Hope this was insightful and remember “Eat the grapes and spit out the seeds” . . . Follow YOU.

Thanks for the read . . . Zzenn