Articles on the effect of historical child abuse and adult child syndrome on humans and the connection to spirituality and religion.

Your Inner Child IS Your Soul

Contrary to the tradition of metaphysics, my journey yielded the realization that my inner child is my soul and that the spiritual story is an archetype pointing to the life cycle of a human being. Ascension = Wisdom of old age Journey = One’s life experience Past lives = One’s childhood According to historical records, the further back you go in history the worse the child abuse gets. In ancient Greek and Roman culture, the abandonment of children, most typically through[…]

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Religion, Spirituality and Childhood Trauma

In my book “unSpirituality: Permission to be Human” I made the connection between childhood trauma and religion and spirituality. I was profoundly inspired by Lloyd deMause’s book “The History of Child Abuse” which became one of the pillars of my writing. In this work I discovered the shocking revelation that the history of humanity is founded upon the abuse of children. I further discovered that religion and spirituality were deeply connected to generational child abuse. “The main psychological mechanism that operates in all child abuse[…]

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