Article on the Ashtar command and Arcturians space alien spirituality.

The Arcturian Cult and the 5th Dimension DEBUNKED

FAKE HISTORY, FAKE SCIENCE AND FAKE STORIES comprise the “actors” on YouTube pretending to be connected to space aliens. The space alien spiritual movement, such as “the Arcturians, Ashtar Command and Bashar” are leading thousands of minds down the rabbit hole of confusion and delusion. Terms such as “5th dimension” and “quantum physics” are used to delude spiritual seekers into a false reality (mind prison). In spite of the fact that quantum physics has nothing to do with “Creating Your[…]

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THE ARCTURIAN COUNCIL: Psychic Vampires – Part 2

Lets start out with calling a thing a thing. The entire belief system of the Arcturian philosophy boils down to one word—FAITH. Thousands of minds worldwide (especially the young, uneducated and gullible) swallow spooky science talk mixed with new age space jargon and apparently, have never heard of critical thinking, cognitive bias, Apophenia and subjective validation, to name a few. These topics explain why humans can listen to a YouTube video of a girl who calls herself by some Egyptian[…]

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THE ARCTURIAN COUNCIL: Delusion & Manipulation – Part 1

If there ever was a perfect example of spiritual manipulation and delusion its the human primates who are promoting the Arcturian Council philosophy which originated from a failed 20th century psychic. To make matters worse, there’s a spiritual gangster mentality that masquerades as part of the spiritual tradition. Based on channeled teachings, quack theories and pseudo-science, it’s outright embarrassing to any mystical tradition. The cunning, predatory nature of human primates can be seen in unadulterated light through the various teachers[…]

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