Critical commentary on new age teachers such as david icke, david wilcock, corey goode, arcturians, channeling, darryle anka, bashar, abraham hicks, ramtha, kryon.

Critical Commentary on David Icke

It is not my intention to present an overly critical commentary on David Icke. But when one is observing a massive elephant in a room bursting through the windows its a bit challenging to describe the scenario with composure. David Icke is the worlds most popular conspiracy theorist, or should I say, a man with a savior complex. I say this because I’ve watched him evolve over many decades into his “messenger to mankind” persona. I’ve watched his books get bigger and bigger[…]

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Corey Goode, Blue Avians & Secret Space Program (I just don’t buy it)

DEBUNK – to expose or excoriate (a claim, assertion, sentiment, etc.) as being pretentious, false, or exaggerated. I hate to break it to the masses of alien seeking hoards but the internet is more of a data collection program, business interface and tabloid service than a place where government whistle-blowers can freely reveal top secret information on space programs. I don’t think you’lle find real secret government anything advertising on the public web. Even so, invisible aliens talking to humans continues to[…]

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