This is a series examining the claims of Drunvalo Melchizedek and his flower of life.

The FLower of Life and the Kundalini Experience

The knowledge of the Flower of Life (I prefer ‘pattern of nature’) came through a new age teacher called Drunvulo Melchizedek. Unfortunately, his presentation was mixed with fake history (Atlantis/Lemuria), pseudoscience, alien dolphins, Egyptian giants, false predictions (2012 pole shift), elaborate claims and a grandiose story of spiritual beings incarnating into human bodies. He claimed humans could achieve inter-dimensional travel through a certain way of breathing while spinning geometric fields around the body. Having attended a number of Flower of Life workshops I learned[…]

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Drunvulo Revealed: The Fake Helicopter Hieroglyphs

This is part of a series of articles entitled “Drunvulo Revealed” examining the claims of Drunvulo Melchizedek and the Flower of Life Paradigm. Refer to “Drunvulo Revealed: An Introduction“. Drunvulo stated this hieroglyph proved the existence of advanced ancient civilizations proving they could see into the future. Unfortunately, this is just another hoax he used to induce belief in his imagined story. Below are his words about this fake hieroglyph and notice (this is one of his traits) how “sure” he spoke[…]

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Drunvulo Revealed: An Introduction

I want to preface this series by expressing my deepest reverence for the inner experience of human beings. Having been to the “inner side” through life altering kundalini experiences, I can tell you that the beauty and perceived magic is unspeakable. I plan on writing extensively on “The Beauty Within” and “Inducing Meaningful Hallucinations” in the future. Humans are living artists and we paint our lives with our inner world. However, our childhood plays a profound part as we grow into[…]

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