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FAKE UFO NEWS: Alien Interview with a “Spiritual” Message

True to the tradition of dualism (soul/body spirit/matter), messages about the soul and the afterlife permeate the internet with fake UFO stories. Ya gotta wonder about the connection of the “spiritual story” and its consistent association with failed predictions, fake history, fake science and ridiculous channeled word salads from imaginary alien beings. Notice in this video how the alien promotes the repackaged religious dualism of new age spirituality. [The following article is from] The video (at bottom of page) appears to show an alien-looking[…]

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FAKE Spiritual News: Tesla’s Hidden 1899 Spiritual Interview

Spread across the web is an interview of Nicola Tesla supposedly chatting about spirituality, humanity and the cosmos. Of course, this interview works for new ager’s who love to quote scientist and science to validate their dualistic (matter/spirit-body/soul) story. Here’s the link to the fake news story: Nikola Tesla’s Most Extraordinary Interview, Hidden For 116 Years! But like usual, a closer look into “metaphysical” claims reveals more fake news, fake predictions and fake science. I am all for the subjective or “inner”[…]

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Fake Spiritual News – Quantum Physics Does NOT Prove an Afterlife

On a website entitled “The Earth Child” a fake news article is presented entitled “Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves To Another Universe After Death”. Robert Lanza is a medical doctor specializing in stem cell research. He claims that the entire universe is dependent upon human consciousness using quantum physics as proof. This is common among even educated believers who do not understand quantum mechanics.  And because Dr. Lanza is not a physicist or neuroscientist he is apparently unaware that quantum physicists have totally[…]

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