Articles on fake UFO stories.

FAKE UFO NEWS: Alien Interview with a “Spiritual” Message

True to the tradition of dualism (soul/body spirit/matter), messages about the soul and the afterlife permeate the internet with fake UFO stories. Ya gotta wonder about the connection of the “spiritual story” and its consistent association with failed predictions, fake history, fake science and ridiculous channeled word salads from imaginary alien beings. Notice in this video how the alien promotes the repackaged religious dualism of new age spirituality. [The following article is from] The video (at bottom of page) appears to show an alien-looking[…]

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FAKE UFO News: “The Billy Meier Story” DEBUNKED

Probably one of the greatest UFO stories that spawned the New Age belief in contact with aliens is—The Billy Meier Story. As usual, humans are quite astute at story-telling (Spirit Channelers) and Billy Meier achieved legendary status in UFO folklore. His visually convincing flying saucers and elaborate tale of contact with aliens enchanted millions worldwide into a FAKE UFO story. Eduard Albert Meier is a Swiss citizen who is the source of many controversial photographs of alleged unidentified flying objects (UFOs),[…]

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FAKE UFO News: Boyd Bushman Deathbed Confession DEBUNKED

Below is a video of a retired senior scientist “Boyd Bushman” from Lockheed Martin who published a confession of aliens and UFO’s before his death. This video went viral and became a fake UFO news story across the web. Watch the video below and you will see him present a picture of an alien and some UFO’s that later were found to be an Area 51 doll sold at Wallmart and artistic drawings of spaceships (below video). He also made claims[…]

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