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David Icke Revealed: The Electric Universe DEBUNKED

David Icke, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, has attempted to solve all of the worlds problems from child sex trafficking to shape shifting reptilian world leaders. And as usual, spiritual teachers who make unbelievable claims, use a mix a fact and fiction to convince their audience. Pseudoscience, misrepresented science, and theories presented as facts, weave a web of delusion regarding human reality. Like the Masaru Emoto’s water crystals and fake quantum mechanics claims, David uses the theory of the Electric Universe (EU) as more[…]

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PROOF – Spirituality Misrepresenting Science

In an article entitled “Scientists ‘prove’ that the soul does not DIE: It returns to the UNIVERSE,” science is once again brazenly misrepresented in an effort to force reality into the dualistic mental prison. The claim of “Proof” is not true. One can only come to a few conclusions that lead to such a verdict. 1) that the writer of the article doesn’t know the difference between a theory and a fact, or 2) They are following in the age[…]

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