Articles on Twin-flames and Soulmates

The Conditions of Unconditional Love

I have stated in another article that unconditional love is the domain of parent/child relations, and because of that, has no place being applied to adult to adult. So in this article I will expand on why I believe this to be true. First of all, unconditional love applied to adults is impossible. No matter how hard you try to unconditionally love another adult, chances are, they are going to do or say something you are not going to unconditionally love,[…]

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God, the Herd, and the Falacy of Unconditional Love

If there is one thing that keeps humans in a passive/reactive herd like mentality is the lack of a developed individual will and perspective. One of the little devils in this war on the will is cleverly hidden under the wings of unconditional love. The idea of unconditional love immediately cancels out the need to develop communication skills, thoughtful consideration of motive, character traits, ethics, social preferences and so on. In other words, if you love everyone regardless of any[…]

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Twin Flames or RelationSHAPES?

In my many years in Sedona, one theme that has not lost its luster, is the subject of Twin Flames. Now, if you have read my work, you’ll see why I’m not surprised by this mammalian obsession. The Twin Flame theory is based on the story of the invisible self. A supposed entity that separates in two, and reincarnates through successive human bodies until it has gained enough experience in the earth realm and finally reunites with itself. It is a romantic idea[…]

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