Christopher Hyatt: Initiator of the INNER CAVE (Facing Your Dragon)

After decades of exploring the “Light & Love” version of spirituality, I discovered that radical personal change was more effectively triggered by less fluffier versions of reality. Christopher Hyatt was one of the first teachers I came across as I stepped onto the Left Hand Path.

Hyatt’s interest in the occult began in his early twenties. His desire to further pursue his studies in magick resulted in meeting Israel Regardie in Studio City in the 1970s. Regardie introduced Hyatt to Reichian therapy, which he insisted Hyatt learn prior to any magical pursuits. Regardie further instructed Hyatt in the magical system of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Hyatt was a Ninth Degree member of occult Order Ordo Templi Orientis,[2] and once headed the Thelemic Golden Dawn. He earned a Masters Degrees in experimental psychology, medical education and Counselling. [source]

One of my favorite quotes which I included in my book “unSpirituality; Permission to be Human” was:

You must stop finding yourself in misery,
in cranial pride—historic stupidity.
You must stop strutting around like a fattened COW.
You must stop bowing down to your mistakes.
You must stop idol worshiping.
You must surrender your misery.
You must stop acting surprised . . .
when something happens to you.
For it is the same old thing.
You must stop reacting to things as you always HAVE.
You must stop proving your story.
You must stop extending the past into the present and future.
You must stop defending your stupidity YOUR SLEEP.
You must stop defending YOUR MISERY.
(Emphasis in original text)

The beauty of Hyatt’s work for me was the unpretentious brutal truth. I had developed a taste for the value of the “Zen stick” by teachers who helped me evolve rather than comfort my snugly illusions. I noticed real growth occurred when my most sacred cherished beliefs were challenged.

Because sacred cows and taboos are unique to each persons inner world, not all devils are alike. This is why the religion of love and light can be used to blind people rather than reveal their innermost intentions. Consider as children, humans use whatever they have as a means of psychological survival. Lying, manipulating, refusing to grow up, pouting, punishing, projecting and withdrawing are all ways little humans wield their power. Unfortunately, this power, or dragon energy, is like a mirror. If one gets too close to it, too identified, it will consume them (projection). They’ll fall into the mirror and grow up trapped within their own dragon power . . . until, the mirror is shattered.

Breaking this identification, or self-possession loose, can be hazardous; it really depends on the connection to one’s inner child and the level of abuse. Don’t get me wrong, spiritual love, or should I say “human empathy/compassion” is an important part of the healing process. But what the spiritual community lacks are the true initiators and liberators toward human adulthood (subjective flowering). Those teachers who can (individuals who have been initiated through the dark night of the soul) guide a “sincere” seeker into their own cave without garnering dependency. Teachers who know how to point the direction inward so that the neophyte can do their own work directly by meeting their demons face to face.

Our individual stories, our personal biographies, are the key to our evolution. The is because our subjective self is the web of memories created by our lives. Aliens, past lives and alternate universes are the realm of biological imagery manifested by the body to communicate deeper truths about our lives leading down into out root of childhood—the land pf giants.

I documented my personal initiation in my book “unSpiritual: A Spiritual Journey” to be a guidebook or reference for those individuals caught in the tigers mouth.

I recommend Hyatt’s work if your felt-sense is triggered by it. Specifically “Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation & Other Devices”. But keep in mind that Hyatt was a subjective adventurer so much of his work delves into taboo areas of human consciousness. I took baby steps and ended up buying and reading everything I could get my hands on. I recommend “eating the grapes and spitting out the seeds” FOLLOW YOU and develop inner trust by actually surfing the waves . . . by DOING and taking risks. It cannot be handed to you, it cannot be pretended or faked. You will have to go direct into the cave of your fears.

But feel free to be a little snotty with your quest by refusing to enter the cave and demonizing people like Christopher Hyatt. This will fuel your rebel and give you more courage to face the mirror. Oh, and Google won’t save you—memento mori.

Thanks for the read . . .