David Icke, The Matrix, Reptilians and Bloodlines REVEALED

In spite of the critical issues I find with David’s work (the worlds most popular conspiracy theorist) I do recognize his journey regarding the magic and synchronicity that comes with kundalini energy. Lets just say there’s an ‘inner club’ of respect for those who have been initiated by it. I think many teachers sincerely work with what they have and present the truth as they perceived it. Even so, the search for ‘whats really true’ continues.

I wonder how many curious minds there are, being dazzled by David Icke’s new age gospel, that are unaware of the fact that much of the information existing before he published his first book.

If you take a look at David’s first three books “It doesn’t have to be like this.” “Heal the world” and “Truth Vibrations” (published in the early 90’s) and then read “The Robots Rebellion” published a few years later (January 1996), you’ll notice the jump in information (and size). He went from Alice Bailey new age spirituality to secret government programs, UFO’s, social engineering, the dark brotherhood and the evil banking system.  As more books were published, revelations of bloodline elites, reptilian shape-shifting humans, and the so-called “Matrix” appeared which was coined by Val Valerian’s books below. In fact, it is said that the movie “The Matrix” was inspired by these volumes.

Below is a list of resources that were available in the early 90’s that revealed reptilian aliens, elite bloodlines, the coming technocracy, the psycho-social, chemical, biological and electromagnetic manipulation of human consciousness and much, much, more. I am presenting this information so that the reader can see a wider picture and explore the original sources. Much of this information has been debunked and some of it was dead on, especially William Cooper’s work regarding “some” government conspiracies. However, his whole take on UFO’s and aliens was later admitted by him to be man-made.



The William Cooper Files

“Behold a Pale Horse” by Milton William Cooper

The KRLL Papers




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Val Valerian and Leading Edge International Research Group 

The Matrix: Understanding Aspects of Covert Interaction with Alien Culture, Technology and Planetary Power Structures by Valdamar Valerian Copyright 1988

Matrix II: The Abduction and Manipulation of Humans Using Advanced Technology

Matrix III – Volume One: The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological and Electromagnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness by Valdamar Valerian First Edition Printing May 1992

Matrix III – Volume Two: The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological and Electromagnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness Valdamar Valerian First Edition Printing October 1995

Matrix IV – THE EquivIdeum: Paradigms and Dimensions of Human Evolution and Consciousness by Valdamar Valerian with Michael Topper Copyright 1994 Leading Edge Research Group

READ – Critical Commentary on David Icke