Dear Self, You are as Spiritual as You’re Ever Going to Be

Spirituality in a Nutshell

By Andrew Paterson


RIGHT NOW, in this moment, you are as spiritual as you are ever going to be. And whatever you do for the rest of your life, or for the rest of your future lives, you will not be able to add one iota of spirituality to what you already have. No matter how much you meditate, no matter how much occult teachings you assimilate, and no matter how many gurus or teachers you hang out with… not one iota more. And in the same light, you will not be able to lose one iota of your spirituality, no matter how many people you murder or how many wars you start. This is the true nature of spirituality — it is beyond our control.

If you believe that spirituality is something that you can gain or lose, then you are misguided. But at least you are not alone — you share that misconception with 99% of other spiritual seekers. In fact, the whole New Age, New Consciousness and general spiritual movements are built on the premise that spirituality is something that we can develop in much the same way that an athlete can physically develop her body, and there are no end of teachers, gurus and organisations itching to sell us techniques and opportunities to further our spiritual careers.

The idea that we can control our spiritual lives through specific practices is based upon a perception of spirituality as an appendage to normal life. Mind, body, spirit… we hear it a million times in the New Age movement, but notice how spirit is tagged on the end. It is what we are supposed to evolve as we open our energy centres or “chakras” in ascending order, away from the physical and up into the emotional, mental and finally spiritual planes. Spirituality is the flower of the crown chakra, the God or divinity towards which we struggle, moving up from grosser to ever finer and more refined levels of being.

This is all a lie. And it is one that has kept spiritual seekers seeking for millennia.