FAKE UFO NEWS: Alien Interview with a “Spiritual” Message

True to the tradition of dualism (soul/body spirit/matter), messages about the soul and the afterlife permeate the internet with fake UFO stories. Ya gotta wonder about the connection of the “spiritual story” and its consistent association with failed predictions, fake history, fake science and ridiculous channeled word salads from imaginary alien beings. Notice in this video how the alien promotes the repackaged religious dualism of new age spirituality.

[The following article is from isaackoi.com]

The video (at bottom of page) appears to show an alien-looking being being interviewed. That being claims to be an “evolutionary descendant” of humans, from our future.

Alien Interview | Secrets of Universe Revealed | Project Blue Book

As at August 2016, one copy of the video on Youtube has approximately 0.5 million views and one copy of this video on Facebook has now got over 3 million views, having been shared 143,058 times.

Even Whitley Strieber (author of the book “Communion”) wrote an article about this video on 21 August 2016 entitled “Profound Wisdom from an ‘Alien Video’ by Whitley Strieber” which stated “The material presented in this video is consistent with what I have learned in my close encounter experience over the past 30 years”.

In fact, as discussed below, the various copies of this video can easily be traced back to an original upload to Youtube on 6 July 2016 by Canadian visual effects artists Aristomenis Tsirbas (“Meni Tsirbas”) of MeniThings Productions. Meni Tsirbas has been a digital artist on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, various movies (including Hellboy and Titanic) and other projects.

This is not his first excursion into the field of ufology. Meni was responsible for direction, animation and lighting of another well-known UFO hoax (UFO over Santa Clarita). He admitted that hoax and posted a video effects breakdown of it years ago and is well known as the creator of viral/hoax videos.  His other uploads to the same Youtube account include an amusing viral video of a flying car.

UFO Over Santa Clarita

I find it somewhat bemusing that anyone could spent 5 minutes watching the video but not bother spending 1 minute looking into the uploader of the video, which would easily reveal these facts. I’m regularly bemused by the conduct of some people in ufology… So many things within ufology are the basis of speculation when a little bit of work reveals relevant facts. This applies to government documents in various archives as much as it does to “UFO” videos on Youtube. 🙂