FAKE UFO News: “The Billy Meier Story” DEBUNKED

The loving old man who fooled millions about aliens.

Probably one of the greatest UFO stories that spawned the New Age belief in contact with aliens is—The Billy Meier Story. As usual, humans are quite astute at story-telling (Spirit Channelers) and Billy Meier achieved legendary status in UFO folklore. His visually convincing flying saucers and elaborate tale of contact with aliens enchanted millions worldwide into a FAKE UFO story.

Eduard Albert Meier is a Swiss citizen who is the source of many controversial photographs of alleged unidentified flying objects (UFOs), which he presents in support of his claim that he is in contact with extraterrestrial beings. He also presented other controversial material during the 1970s such as metal samples, sound recordings and film footage. Meier reports regular contacts with extraterrestrials he calls the Plejaren. Meier claims that the Plejaren look similar in appearance to humans, that the Plejaren homeworld is called Erra, and that it is located in a dimension which is a fraction of a second shifted from our own dimension, about 80 light years beyond the Pleiades, an open star cluster. The Plejaren were given the name Pleiadians by Meier up to 1995. [source]

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