Foundations for Awakening & Kundalini: DEFENSE MECHANISMS

By Zzenn

The first step to Awakening and Kundalini Activation is . . . To Know YOUR Psychology. Why? To better navigate your inner world of mirrors—The Labyrinth. Self Realization may surely follow the realization of Self Delusion . . . If the student is ready.

According to the traditional philosophy of the Magicians, every man is a unique autonomous center of individual consciousness, energy and will – a soul, in a word. Like a star shining and existing by its own inward light it pursues its way in the star-spangled heavens, solitary, uninterfered with, except insofar as its heavenly course is gravitationally modified by the presence, near or far, of other stars.

–  Francis Israel Regardie (The Tree of Life 1932)

Defense Mechanisms

Defense mechanisms are psychological strategies brought into play by the unconscious mind to manipulate, deny, or distort reality in order to defend against feelings of anxiety and unacceptable impulses and to maintain one’s self-schema.


Projection is when we project our own unpleasant thoughts, feelings, motives onto someone else and blame them for having the thoughts, feelings and motives that we really have. It is a psychic attack from an inner identity upon another person. It is the outward expression of feeling attacked (vulnerable, unprotected) from within. This form of violence can be overt such as an outward physical or verbal assault, or a more devious passive aggressive attack such as negative body language and silence (predatory or passive manipulation). It can also be used for revenge in an effort to balance the scales of justice within one’s perceived reality.

Rather than to FEEL or OBSERVE an unpleasant thought, feeling or motive, it is easier to project it onto someone else to disown it. The next step is to go about collecting evidence that this projection is valid by using confirmation bias and story-telling to make the case. Because the feeling of being wrong is abhorrent to human primates, becoming social prosecution lawyers serves to insulate from the truth of the psychological mirror.

Occult Magickians can use other people’s projections to trap them in the mirror of their own psyche. They embrace the attack and promote the manifestation of the entity in an effort to harm the human primate who is clawing at the subjective mirror. They can also use it as a way to bring awareness to the person by amplifying their issue so they might become self aware of the complex.

Because painful memories exist within every one of us, especially those deep in the root of our childhood, we RIGHTFULLY develop defense mechanisms and personas (identification, identities, multiple personalities) to protect ourselves, solve problems, meet our basic needs (respect, recognition, etc.) and complete a healing cycle of making sense out of the confusion. It is also how we CONTROL the spontaneous chaos of life’s situations.

Inner entities, if they have been emotionally fueled and their history enforced, may completely dominate the human primate to achieve their goals . . . especially a primary one. This may be a “hurt self” that is seeking to be validated and will stop at nothing to get what it needs. Not until this illusory “time-frozen” self is shattered by the circumstances of the actual world in present time, will it begin to give way to futility, and hopefully, humility.


Identification is when a person is BEING someone or thing other than the present moment of awareness. They may have become one or both of their parents, they may have become someone they admire, they may BE some aspect of themselves that is still operating in their historical timeline (trapped in time). In other words, in order for them to solve a problem in a given situation (especially a traumatic one), they had to become protective, defensive, hostile, docile, talkative, powerless,  passive aggressive, vengeful, etc. Unfortunately, these ‘mocked up’ personalities stick and become frozen in time. The person forgets their natural curiosity, wonderment and spontaneity, and has become identified with an entity in their inner world. They may have a primary dominant one with a number of sub-personalities or any mix of useful personas much like major chords that are routinely used in a musical composition with a few minor chords to fall back on.

EXAMPLE: An individual was traumatized by their father to the point of breaking his will. He becomes the humiliated, powerless boy (identification) with  the broken will, and heart, trying to gain some sort of dignity and respect. Gaining power becomes a goal for this broken self as it dis-empowers others who are weaker than itself because it has also inherited the cowardliness of the abuser. Not until the person has had enough of this possession and garners the courage to RE-EXPERIENCE the trauma in  order to heal it, via therapy, will he/she/it be freed of the imposing suffering.

Identification also applies to objects and CAN be a positive experience. In the area of magick one can increase the potency of an object for ceremonial or ritual purposes OR everyday situations. All of the objects in our environment, from tables and chairs to pictures and cars, can be imbued with profound meaning and even take on personalities that we interact with. This is especially potent in nature and can unveil many beautiful secrets within the human primate.  So one identifies to the extend of their meaningful connection. Where this can become problematic is when an external object becomes more important than the observer (a sense of possession or being forced occurs) and they lose their autonomy or perspective of the subjective connection.


Suppression is when a person solves uncontrollable thoughts, feelings and motives, by forcing them into hiding, invisibility or nothingness, through denial, story-telling and intoxicants. Humans have the ability to wield subjective sorcery by making painful memories become invisible so that the emotional charge is reduced. This is usually described as a numb feeling but may manifest as a lifelong external enemy. Humans cannot NOT feel, all they can do is label thoughts, feelings, motives, based in their biography as non-existent. “Forgetting” and “disassociation” are powerful spells they place upon themselves to survive the land of giants (childhood) and any other traumatic experience.

The beautiful thing about this phenomenon is that the body never lies. The human organism is constantly tuning itself through the language of the subjective (stay tuned to my YouTube channel for more on this). Nightmares become the faithful messenger of the heart and will persist to bring into awareness vital issues.  If one manages to suppress till the end of their life they may be subject to a wide awakening upon their death if it is not sudden. If the brain has to process a lifetime of suppression at one moment whose to tell what nightmares may occur. My father is a perfect example of this as I watched his terror up to his last breath (he was an alcoholic suffering from childhood trauma).

This knowledge or “possibility” should behoove humans to DO THE WORK of being genuinely honest with their feelings and stop lying to themselves. However, this is not to say that one could live a lie their entire life and medicate themselves at death and experience nothing but orgasmic relief. I’m not a neuroscientist so I recommend looking in that area for more details. I’m speaking from experience and accumulated insight/knowledge.

I do speculate about the importance of internal psycho-emotional growth and the possibilities of inner human flowering as time can be experienced as an eternity in our consciousness. Life is about feeling, and emotional suppression and intoxication are simply band-aids . . . you can run but you cannot hide. This is why I recommend learning the focusing method. An effective rebellious attitude against suppression may be enough to motivate a person to turning inward and confessing the truth that has been nagging them for decades. This confession or admission of “what is” will begin their born-again experience into living from the inside-out.

Consider that personal nightmares (here is a key) almost always feel eternal . . . this is an illusion that can be dispelled by radical acceptance, and a deep and abiding love . . . for self.

Thanks for the read and I hope this was useful . . .