The Horror of Consciousness: The Denial of Reality through Spiritual Belief

If spiritual people are so fascinated with Consciousness then why do they work so hard at being Unconscious of reality?

Decades ago, when I began exploring the channeled teachings of Ramtha, Kryon, Bashar and Seth, I had no idea where the idea of “Infinite Possibilities” would lead. Rather than keeping a closed mind by maintaining the belief in a Loving Cosmic Consciousness, I was led into realms of darkness guarded by signposts that read “thou shalt not,” “taboo,” “do not enter,” and—WARNING: There’s no turning back!

Over a 30 year spiritual quest, I traveled through all the popular systems from Ascended Masters to Zen Buddhism to Eckart Tolle. But it wasn’t until I had a human awakening, and started redefining spirituality from a natural perspective, that access to more prodigious realms was granted and my inner work found its evolutionary footing.

With great trepidation and curiosity I came across the idea of consciousness being a horror rather than exclusively a blessing. All that was required was a marathon of nature documentaries to behold the depressing truth—half of nature was eating the other half. A further commitment to the series “Faces of Death” solidified my initiation into the mysterium.

This experience spawned new questions such as: Do humans obsess over consciousness and story telling in an effort to avoid reality? Is the Truth a horror too devastating for consciousness? Do humans use their imaginative sorcery to spin reality into an IMAGE they can live through?

Considering the extent to which religious and spiritual belief systems will go to avoid reality, I think the answer is unequivocally Yes! Here are a few examples:

  • The physical world is an illusion.
  • Humans create their reality to such a degree that the moon only appears when they look at it.
  • The body is an “earth-suit” of the soul.
  • Spiritual beings on the deepest level choose everything. Their birth, life situations and even death are all intended experiences for learning in the earth school.
  • All suffering, such as rape, molestation and genocide, are chosen experiences by the spiritual being through their earth vehicle (the body).
  • There is no death.

I call it repackaged Buddhism for western primates. Basically, everything about the natural world is denied. In spite of the Buddha’s admission that “all life is suffering” the denial of consciousness through redirection (spiritual bypassing) is collectively chronic in the metaphysical community.

So why are humans drawn to such reality denying memes? One could say its simply our native wonderment and curiosity. Sure, that’s a given, but IRRATIONAL belief systems primarily focused on denying reality are pointing to, by their very definitions, deeper issues. I call it Subjective Escapism.

For starters, let’s consider the effects of generational child abuse. Rather than deal with one’s real-life-story and the painful memories that haunt one’s present moment, its far easier to enter into a belief system that denies reality altogether. In this way, the solutions to life’s problems are instantly resolved complete with a villain such as the Archons, reptilians, karma, secret government etc (check David Icke). Sure, there’s conspiracies and a trickle down effect from the billionaire alpha monkeys at the top of the food chain, but one cannot escape from the immediate danger—that being—the unconscious energies rooted in childhood.

Spiritual dreamers want to ASCEND from this fallen physical illusion and find relief from the abyss. Who wants to enter the cave and meet their father (Luke Skywalker)? Who wants to confront the blasphemous Dweller on the Threshold?

Luckily, Hollywood provides an out for the passive aggressive human beast through its movies. Love peddling dreamers from all walks of life studiously watch acts of violence in sci-fi’s such as The Matrix and Lord of the Rings. And why is this an appetite for humans? Because humans are born  killers. Whether they kill in war or attack over an idea, humans are especially talented at dominating their perceived enemies. And nowhere else does this ugly dragon show its talons than in religion and spirituality when their precious belief system has been challenged.

War, crime, sickness and death stalk dreamers from an early age. Throw in human deformity and you have a cocktail for chronic denial. And don’t get me started, the pictures on the internet of human deformity would disturb a nihilist.

I wondered why Consciousness was at the core of channeled teachings. I already knew it was a repackaged form of God from older traditions, but what was the obsession about? Why the fixation on a Force watching itself through everybody else? Is there some profound value at being seen aside from the mammalian recognition of a shared species? You know like, “I am a homegrown evolutionary primate like you—look, we have thumbs”.

The desire to ‘be seen’ is a primary need of the human primate. If you doubt this just look at the social media phenomenon where every face gets a stage and platform to be watched, heard and read. The self-help industry has made billions mirroring back greatness and possibility in the collective seeker promoting a world free from conflict anthemed by Lennon’s “Imagine”.

Is it possible that believing in an invisible force that sees everything brings the adult child comfort? Does an All Seeing Eye grant the illusion of a “safe space” in one’s tetrahedral bubble? If it is true that a God Consciousness is everywhere observing human affairs then it MUST, by definition, be conscious of the HORROR of humanity. You know, things like:

  • Irreversible events such as a terminal diagnosis
  • Failed dreams and hopes ending in suicide or depression.
  • Rape, murder and theft
  • War, torture and genocide
  • Child molestation, bullying and abuse—sex trafficking
  • Animal attacks and species wide extinctions
  • Tsunami’s, earthquakes and tornado’s
  • Plane crashes, car accidents and train collisions
  • Individual DEATH, and to make matters worse, good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people ALL THE TIME.

If God Consciousness is watching all these events second by second, then why doesn’t it DO something about it? Is it waiting for humans to join in its existential voyeurism? If that’s true, then why are humans DENYING the problems of reality by reducing the very world they exist in to an illusion? If the horrors of the world are an illusion then why do anything?

Exactly! This is the attitude of the spiritual dreamer. Rather than WAKE UP to reality and DO SOMETHING about it (through real world effort) they double down on  the dream while cleverly doing what primates do—consume, procreate, strive for more territory and die!

Here’s a few ideas to inspire ACTION toward change rather than isolating into fantasies:

  1. Visit a children’s cancer hospital.
  2. Work a real job and donate a percentage to child abuse organizations.
  3. Educate through writing and publishing about solving real world problems.
  4. Comfort grieving widows.
  5. Help stop human sex trafficking
  6. Become a psychologist and dedicate thousands of hours to therapy.
  7. Open a shelter for homeless people that trades educational credits for food

Or, you can channel aliens and tell people that reality is an illusion while shaming them for not believing in your fantasy. For these ambitious Wanderers, movies such as the Matrix magically turn into documentaries.

Furthermore, if there really is a God Consciousness then when will it stop natural disasters? You know like—totally stop evolution? No more volcanoes, no more earthquakes, tsunami’s, hurricanes or incoming comets? It seems such a foolish notion to a common mind. Even so, spiritual radicals would argue that ANYTHING is possible with the help of their spiritual story telling.

The disturbing awareness of reality may present itself in two ways:

  1. People cave into futility at the shocking realization that the universe is not watching out for them nor passing out rewards for good deeds. A tantrum may occur in the form of resistance to science and facts by doubling down on the spiritual story until reality either shatters their convictions or they die wrapped in the fantasy. Either way works because nature graces humans with extinction, that being, the pressure of the story is release in a final horrible fantasy of disillusionment.
  2. People grow into adults and realize that the universe is indifferent to their existence. They become aware of the fact that THEY are the consciousness of their lives. Armed with the humble admission that the road ahead is leading to their extinction, they are compelled to live life fully in the moment. Mystery, wonderment and a deep abiding gratitude are the gifts granted to such explorers accompanied by profound insights if they enter into natural forms of mysticism and self-realization.

To summarize, I think it is more likely that consciousness is such a horror that humans will do anything to escape what they cannot control. When it comes to religion and spirituality, the story telling fuels rambunctious levels of ambition. No matter the facts, the story MUST be true to quell the death anxiety that haunts dreamers.

The good news is there’s a natural way to deal with our individual extinction. Nature built into the human primate natural pain killers and an immune system that magically heals cuts and bruises. Dreams are built-in emotional processors and a life fully lived embraces death with the kiss of a tired and grateful soul (inner felt-sense). Even depression, in this view, is understood as an appropriate response of the body.

Life is but a momentary glimpse of the wonder of this astonishing universe, and it is sad to see so many dreaming it away on spiritual fantasy.
– Carl Sagan

A person can let go and let nature BE as it is without the prop of religious imagery and story telling. One can relax into life knowing fully that they are Being Lived by forces beyond their control. It is the illusion of control fostered by the belief in free-will that causes so much suffering in our psyches. Religions and spirituality deal with this dilemma by providing a Higher Self (mommy/daddy) who is in control of everything and takes our burdens away.

But don’t get me wrong, even though free-will on a neurological level is an illusion (consider how much you really control in your thought generating biology) the act of computing and choosing is second nature to humans. So choosing happens, but “the chooser” is really a bio-generated illusion. If you are a spiritual/religious person reading this, you may relate to this selflessness through your belief in a creator or higher self.

The truth is that all those spiritual teachings were just touching on reality. You are a living breathing expression of life, a human primate aware of being aware. When you become nothing, you position yourself for the priceless insight that you are part of everything in a vast evolutionary continuum. For indeed, we are stardust.

Thanks for the read,