Your Inner Child IS Your Soul

Contrary to the tradition of metaphysics, my journey yielded the realization that my inner child is my soul and that the spiritual story is an archetype pointing to the life cycle of a human being.

Ascension = Wisdom of old age

Journey = One’s life experience

Past lives = One’s childhood

According to historical records, the further back you go in history the worse the child abuse gets.

In ancient Greek and Roman culture, the abandonment of children, most typically through either exposure or sale into slavery, was common. In Athens and other Greek cities, unwanted infants were placed into terracotta pots or other containers and left outside the city, where they were likely to die from starvation or attack by wild animals. [source]

Lloyd deMause,  states in the Journal of Psychohistory

“Indeed, my conclusion from a lifetime of psychohistorical study of childhood and society is that the history of humanity is founded upon the abuse of children.”

“The further back in history one goes – and the further away from the West one gets – the more massive the neglect and cruelty one finds and the more likely children are to have been killed, rejected, beaten, terrorized and sexually abused by their caretakers.”

“The main psychological mechanism that operates in all child abuse involves using children as what I have termed poison containers – receptacles into which adults project disowned parts of their psyches, so they can control these feelings in another body without danger to themselves.”

I state in my book “unSpirituality – Permission to be Human” that religion and spirituality became safe havens for humans suffering from a shamed imagination. The dualistic story “soul and body” reflected the disassociation experienced in childhood. Other worlds and dimensions gave hope in a physical world full of parental and cultural tyranny. The beauty and value of the “Child” was so far removed from normal consciousness that it was projected into virgin births and baby deities.

In today’s world, child abuse is still a global phenomenon. And even though it is an improvement from our dark past, the generational poisoning is potent as ever. And as long as the human species exists, their children will be the future.

“The boy becomes the father and the girl become the mother”

Thanks to science, psychological medications reduce the anxiety of inner trauma. This is a personal decision and I believe each individual should follow their own way. I believe in doing what makes your life work . . . PERIOD! Taking a deeper plunge into your inner world is a personal choice and can be done gently over time. The key is listening to the message of the moment.

The widespread use of psych meds reflects the historical and modern continuation, and denial, of child abuse and neglect (child subjective poisoning from parental unconscious contagion).

Psychiatric medicine use statistics:

Child abuse statistics:

  • 40 million children subjected to abuse worldwide each year. [source]
  • 702,000 children subjected to abuse in the United States each year.

The connection between child abuse and psych meds reveals a species suffering from within. And in spite of the technological wonders of Google, no amount of knowledge can replace “feeling through” the emotions and memories of the body CONSCIOUSLY. For it is our individual stories that reveal our unconscious and thus our life journey. The only way consciously out . . . is in.

As I moved through the religious and metaphysical belief systems over a 30 year period, one thing remained constant—the connection to my inner child.

I found terms such as, “the place of innocence, remembering, home, and returning,” were all religious and spiritual pointers to childhood. The invisible realms of other dimensions and past lives became archetypes my biology was communicating to safely lead me into the dark void of childhood . .  into the land of giants (our parents).

This is not some fantasy land. Each and every one of us really lived in a magical land of giants. This was the place of invisible friends, innocence, vulnerability, dependency and unconscious impressions. It was really “home” and the only place a human can really return to.

What I found is the body produces its own language to communicate deeper truths about our lives, convictions and beliefs. It does this through stories, beliefs, dreams, daydreams, imagery, archetypes, feelings and impressions. This “language” is what wrote holy books and sacred scriptures of history. But even more revealing is this languagege for each person provides THEIR direct sacred scriptures. I recommend The Focusing Method for learning how to do this.

The release of psycho-emotional energy, that which is called spirit, chi or kundalini, is held within ones body via the tunnel of memory into the root of their existence—Childhood!

This sacred Child is what religious and spiritual belief systems call the soul. It is the source of your power and it is a full body experience. It is not a disembodied vague invisible entity disassociated from its earthly life . . . that is the delusion, the realm of spiritual bypassing.

For those individuals who feel the desire to take the inward plunge I recommend following your inner child. That innocent sense of self within. Your root. For it holds the keys to your perception like a split atom does to a bomb. It is the smallest but the greatest, the in through the out door, the unsuspected keeper of the vault of wisdom.

It is only through this magical child that the inner dragons will bow and the wall of fire won’t burn. But remember, you must befriend your child first and nurture the substance called trust.

Travel well and be courageous my friend.

Thanks for the read . . .