I Am Primate

I was once taught, that I am a soul in a body.
I once believed I was separate from the earth.
A stranger in a strange land,
a sinner in need of a Savior.
But, isn’t this my home? This beautiful world?
Isn’t this my form?
These hands, these eyes, this touch?
Am I to believe I have violated a rule,
just by being born?
Who claims this right to judge,
and on what authority do you stand?
The truth screams out from my cells.
I am not the imagination of a God,
I am a voice in the earth,
I am that which you deny!
The earth is my home and the stars my destiny.
I will touch the planets through
the hands of my children
. . . not the will of your ghost!
I am a voice in the evolutionary continuum
and I claim the right to be alive,
without your story.
For I Am Human, I Am Proud,
and I AM . . . PRIMATE!

Other words by Zzenn from the book “unSpirituality: Permission to be Human“.

Planet of Lost Primates

If an alien visitor were to come to this planet, what do you think their opinion would be of our species? What would be the assessment? What would be the introduction speech to mankind? May I take the liberty of speculating? Here goes:

Hello Earthlings. We have just arrived on your planet and already we have discovered a big problem. Because we come from the outer reaches of space we can tell you that there are no invisible versions of your species flying around up there. We hate to break the news to you but your race is not that evolved. We know you are making up for something. We know that you just don’t like being the primates that you are, so you concoct grandiose stories of yourselves. Trust us, we have been around the universe for a long time and you people are suffering from an identity crisis. There is nothing wrong with being human. Give it a shot, you may be in a position to interact with off planet civilizations before you know it. In the meantime, stop pretending and stop denying your inner pain, it is there to guide you . . . listen to it.

A Spiritual Conspiracy

The definition of a conspiracy typically involves the coordinated efforts of a few organized individuals, or groups that form and carry out a calculated plan. I am using the word as a metaphor for something that cannot be pinned down to one person or group. The conspiracy I am talking about is subtle, yet pervasive, invisible and global. Its tentacles reach deep into the very fabric of our society. Its blueprint uncovered in our psyches. Its plans projected onto the canvas of our vision. It cannot be seen by most, and its insidious nature feeds off the life of the human primate.

In searching for the answers to my plight, I came to discover the allusiveness of the delusion which culminated in a disconcerting realization—that this problem was ambiguous. Its very existence depended on invisibility. To make matters worse, the human being, fueled by this monster, became the monster and inevitably projected the monster. It was trapped in its own creation.

In searching for its hiding places, I found the light to be its specialty, and the dark its scapegoat. This is not the kind of light that illuminates the way, rather, it is directed into the eyes of the beholder, blinding them from the path. Here, the modus operandi is deception, delusion, and the manipulation and control of the body—a coup d’état on evolution, a protest against the natural, a Spiritual Conspiracy.

We have been led to look in the wrong direction. We have been bamboozled, beguiled, betrayed. We have been cheated for far too long. We have been led to believe our enemy lies “out there.” We have been led to “believe.” Our plight lies in the emotional investment of our identification with the image.

I predict an awakening on this planet of epic proportions, where the realization of this conspiracy will spring to life. I see the long hardened road of religious and spiritual delusion coming to an abrupt end, like a domino effect, cascading across the globe. Our species is angry on a deep level. We know something has been wrong for a long time. We are tired of being thrown the scraps. This is primal, guttural; the scream of an exhausted humanity who will not take no for an answer. They refuse to be duped any longer. It is the voice of reason and the shout of change!

Healing Our World

It is my hope that humanity will awaken to  who they are as a species.

That they will no longer relinquish the problems of the world to the domain of the Gods.

That they will begin to care for each other.

That they will begin to heal the world today, and not wait until tomorrow.

That they will never give themselves another excuse to justify non-action for the survival of their kind.

That they will stop deferring their innate intelligence to invisible properties.

That they will stand up and be human, and be proud of their evolutionary origins.

That they will honor their world and each other through the realization of their shared genetic tree.

That they would understand their connection to the natural world like a fish to water.

That my species, will see the world’s problems as “their” problems, and be the change for the survival of their own kind.

And finally, may they give themselves and everyone else, permission to be human.

Revelations of a Zombie

Hello, we are zombie. We have been around for millennia. We were sent here by order of the evolutionary continuum. It has been our job to awaken mankind to their human self.

In lieu of spirituality, we have presented the truth of your reality. You are animals and you always have been animals. Now, the word animal is an interesting word. It has been ostracized by the faithful as something vile, something to overcome, some “thing” evil, in need of correction.  Yet animal is only a word that refers to a thing.

The word “animal” has been desecrated. It once represented your proud origins; it refers to a “living creature.” It does not mean you are a zombie or a predator or a fallen being. It does, however, refer to your evolutionary origins. Please understand its meaning in Latin, animale means “living being; being which breathes.” Is there any reason one would not be proud to don that title? I think not.

We knew, from early on, that mankind’s evolutionary step in conceptualizing nature would one day come to an end. We also knew that it would become your undoing. The distance between your kind, reflects the separation you so believe. I tell you, life is self-evident, it is the creator of the mental image.

So, we arrived many thousands of years ago to remind you of your true nature.

You, oh human being, have lost your way. You have fallen prey to the projection of your psyche. You have forgotten who you really are and replaced the natural with your imaginings. You have believed in the story of creation handed down by the elders of denial. You gave your true self away in trade for provision and notoriety. For some, the self-betrayal was succeeded under force. You succumbed to the lie to protect your young . . . we understand . . . we truly understand.

We began this endeavor when notable figures could be broadcast to the masses through the written word. We quietly engineered the message through the stories of your iconic spiritual leaders. These chief conductors represented the image you were addicted to. They were lofty projections of your illusion. You were not ready to know the truth at that time, so the image provided a stepping stone from which you could climb to this current day.

Untainted by delusion, you fell in love with the story of your projected self. The invisible you, with its pre-birth story of reincarnation, the endless contradictions to organic life, and the terror of death were all necessary imaginings.

Your emotions were the key to this delusion. We knew that your feelings dictated your reality, because you grew out of the earth. The images that you adhered to, through deep emotional scars, sealed the deal for many thousands of years. Attempting to convince you that your imaginings were unreal would only strengthen your defense.

So we concocted a way to get your attention . . .

Subtle, yet in your face, we screamed out in the stories of your imaginings. We rose from the dead and walked the streets through the writings of the devout. We clawed our way into your living rooms to reflect your human origins. We stood on the heels of your predators to remind you of the chase. Yes, you forgot you were once preyed.

We are the loyal officers from the delegation of natural selection. We entered into your psyches subtly, yet profoundly . . . we got your attention.

I tell you, now is the time for you to see the truth. Your species has become infatuated with our kind. From the stories of your ancient past, up to the present enlightenment of your media, we have only mutated into myriad forms—different faces but the same message – you are PRIMATE!

We now ask you to stand up and affirm who you really are. Be proud of your heritage. Stop bowing down to those still in denial and awaken your brothers and sisters to who they really are. Gone are the days of your slavery, gone are the days of bowing to the invisible imposter.

Arise and BE HUMAN.

Thank for the read . . .

– Zzenn